SCNA Board 3/12/19

Attendance: Jerry Smith, Gabe Ciociola, Jenn Santo, Matt Cornell, Jane Carroll, Milo Martinez

Called to order at 7:42

President’s Report:

Expressed condolences to the O’Donnell Family. Talked to two Councilors at large to speak to the membership. Elaine Milo and Domingo Dominguez and Thomas Furey. Get more councilors involved with our membership.

Consideration of the body to start having open board meetings with members of the neighborhood present. To get more direct feedback from community before the fact instead of relying on FB. Hawthorne willing to support us with space. Perhaps on a quarterly basis.

Vice President’s Report:

Arch Carvings – Contact with Artisan’s Asylum, have a 3d carver on site. Have reached out to Eric Wollin at the PEM for digital files. Expecting to hear back shortly. John at AA expects to teach a class on this machine starting April. Will keep an eye out for it. March 24 class at AA for 3d printing. Friend of Milo Martinez has access to 3d carver and can assess when digital file becomes available.

May be a possibility to tie the Coast Guard History Museum to the arch in terms of opening/funding.

Gabe in possession of swags. Artist in Allston willing/able to do digitize for 2K. Current budget for arch is at 7K.

Nomination Committee – Met on March 6th. Consists of Gabe Ciociola, Jenn Santo, Anne Young, Jane Carroll, Matt Cornell. Still openings if there are interested parties, contact board@salemcommon.org for more details.

Perhaps explore Business Card with info on the association to carry and pass out to people we pass.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Funds as of March 12, 2019
  • Checking: $12,579
  • Arch Fund: $7,068
  • Savings: $3,004
  • Total: $22,651
Donations/Incoming to SCNA

– Membership 2019 renewal process continues: Barb update as of 2.27.19

  • 2018 Members: Total people 206
  • 2019 Renewing Members to Date: Total people 93
  • 2019 Nonrenewing Members (moved away, etc.): Total people 13
  • Will proceed with paper follow-up mailing after annual meeting

– Movie Night: Raised $58 – not yet deposited

New Donations By SCNA

– O’Donnell Family Scholarship: $100 (#1551)

Incurred Expenditures
  • Black & Tan for website registration: $50 (#1550)
  • Post Office for registered mail: $8.05
  • Hamlin Accounting for MA tax filing & historical review: $800 (#1549)
Anticipated Expenditures
  • Membership Renewals: Paper follow-up mailing as needed: Cost TBD
  • Annual Meeting @ Hawthorne: Costs if any TBD
  • Portable Projector: Exploring purchase for concerts, movies, etc.: Cost TBD
Arch Project Cost/Status
  • Arch Images
  • Total project cost estimated at $40K to $50K
  • $5,000 Eastern grant deposited – work on hold for carvings
  • Sponsorship with National Guard; NG Museum discussions
  • Arch Explanatory Sign:
  • $1,085 quote; 10-year warranty
  • Put on hold until spring for re-bid involving City

Common Issues:

See Click Fix – working with DPS to remove the cut up logs on the common on the north side. Lots of open spots on the common where trees used to be. City has a cut one plant one that has not been followed through.

March 6th Historical Commission – Signage for non smoking on the common as well as other rules. Jenn will follow up with Patricia Kelleher on final wording.  

Bandstand – No updates on scheduled work.

Benches – No updates on scheduled work. 6 Promised by Parks and Rec.


Website overhaul ready, looking for new copy for the ‘Get Involved Page’. New store is ready and await the first live order, test went through great.

Prospect of using store to sell neighborhood swag as fundraiser for arch/events. Fence spear stickers, totes, will be looking into arch ornament as previously sold by Boy Scout Troop 24 in salem. Coordinating with Mark Meche on the original ornaments.

Notch as possible place for Derby event. Also check with Derby bar opening at derby/washington, and Cellar at Hotel Salem.

Jerry will bring projector for Annual meeting. We will hold off on expensing a new projector for the time being. GNF will be using a slide deck during their talk. Board will? Be using a slide deck to direct meeting order. Not all board members will need to prepare a slide.

Will plan on 2 summer concerts, 3 or 4 movies in August, and Lawn party in Sept.

Movie Night at Witch Museum was successful, about 40 attendees with 58 dollars in sales/donations.

  • Movement to Adjourn by Jenn Santo, Seconded by Jerry Smith. Adjourned at 9:13PM