SCNA Board 4/9/19

Attendees:     Gabe Ciociola, Matt Cornell, Jane Carroll, Milo Martinez, Dennis Maroney, Jen Hagar, Lynn Murray, Jenn Santo, Jerry Smith

President’s Report

The 382nd Muster on the Common will be held Saturday the 13th.  It begins at 10 – ends at 2pm.  Dennis suggested that we have an SCNA table set up to provide both coffee and information. Dennis will try to get a donation of coffee from Coffee Time. Update.  Coffee Time came through with coffee donation and it was well received by public and participants.  We raised $13 and had 2 new member requests.

Gazebo Bandstand Repairs. At our 2018 Annual Meeting, a presentation by Jenna Ide and John Wathne offered a detailed timeline with solid commitments to repair the Gazebo. This has now been cut back to minor improvements around the perimeter in lieu of landscaping and a postponement of the repair work, which was to have included structural repairs, electrical improvements, etc. Jenn Santo pointed out the safety problems associated with postponement of the needed improvements to the lighting, electrical outlets, windows and structural cracks. Update.  Dominick – Mayor’s Chief of Staff – indicated that he would get DPW involved in making immediately needed improvements. Christine Madore to back these efforts as needed.

Salem Common Fence Project.  A master ten-year plan for the repair and replacement of damaged sections was initially approved in 2010. After several phases of work have been completed, a proposed plan to add a new architect and possibly a new vendor to replace DeAngelis Iron Work has been circulated.  This will cause delays to planned work and result in re-working already existing architectural plans that have been previously approved. Update.  Dennis & Jenn raised these concerns with Brennan Corriston on 4/12 and we are awaiting his response.

NIAC/City Wide Issues.Dennis plans to attend the monthly NIAC meetings and will ask Matt to join him in Matt’s role of Neighborhood Issues Committee Chair.

As it stands now, the big Carnival will not take place on the Common as it was voted down by the City Council. The Kids Festival and food stands will hopefully return & we are seeking confirmation from Fiesta & the City.

The City has begun efforts to plan for the 400th anniversary of Salem & 250thfor the USA.

Preservation Committee meeting occurred on 4/11 with Gabe and Jerry attending.

Update.  Mass National Guard Museum looks like it will be located in the Old Armory.

SCNA to be involved in Salem 400/Revolution 250.

Greater Community Connections Update.  Our Ward 2 Councilwoman Christine Madore has accepted our invitation to attend our next SCNA Board meeting on 5/14 @ 7:30.

We have also invited Kim Emerling – Veteran Services Director – to our Board meeting on 6/11 @7:30. We look forward to both of these meetings.

Vice-President’s Report: Arch Restoration

Gabe is attending classes at Artist Asylum to learn how to make 3-D carvings of the swags for the Arch from the digital scans that were done by the PEM.  Efforts are underway to retrieve those scans from the PEM. An explanatory sign for the Arch is planned for this summer.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Funds as of April 9, 2019
  • Checking: $11,927
  • Arch Fund: $7,078
  • Savings: $3,004
  • Total: $22,009

Transition to New SCNA Treasurer Jane Carroll

  • Jane is now on Salem 5 accounts including ATM card & on line access
  • Check book transferred to Jane on 4/9/19
  • Dennis has filed 2018 Federal taxes; will be filing 2018 MA states
  • Dennis completing 2019 registrations with Secretary of State & AG

Donations/Incoming to SCNA

  • Membership 2019 renewal process continues: Barb updated on 2.27.19
    • Barb 2/27 Update – 2018: Total people 206/ 2019: Total people: 93
    • As of 4/9/19, 4 individual & 3 family memberships have come in

Update.  Barb preparing to send out mail reminder to members who have not yet renewed.

  • Movie Night: Raised $58 – not yet deposited
  • Exploring sponsors such as Salem 5 for concert series

New Donations By SCNA

  • None for this period

Incurred Expenditures

  • Jenn Santo event supplies: $92.71 (#1552)
  • Kentucky Star Derby Wars Party @ Village Tavern @ May 4th@ 5 event deposit: $676 (#1553)

Anticipated Expenditures

  • Membership Renewals: Paper follow-up mailing: Cost TBD
  • Kentucky Star Derby Wars Party: additional costs TBD
  • SCNA business cards for board: costs TBD

Arch Project Cost/Status

  • Arch Images: Total project cost estimated at $40K to $50K
  • $5,000 Eastern grant deposited – work on hold for carvings
    • Sponsorship with National Guard; NG Museum discussions
  • Arch Explanatory Sign: $1,085 quote; 10-year warranty
  • Put on hold until spring for re-bid involving City

Common Issues Committee

SalemRecycles will be placing a new butt bin on the Common at the entrance near the hotel.  This location will be well away from the 50-foot perimeter around the Gazebo and playground.  A private citizen has adopted the Butt Bin and will be responsible for the periodic disposal of smoking materials.

Jenn is continuing to help as noted above on the Gazebo Bandstand repair, the ongoing Fence project and other Common issues such as new benches. 

Events Committee

Milo has requested assistance in developing content on the website, particularly in the area of “how to get involved in the SCNA”.  Both Jane and Jen Hagar volunteered to help out.

We also need to be sure to place on website the logos of all Business Partners and those businesses that have made donations in kind including Starbucks, Popped, and Coffee Time.

The Kentucky Star Derby Wars Party will be held on Saturday evening, May 4th @ Village Tavern @ 5. The Events Committee will be meeting to further refine plans for the party.

Membership Committee

Barb Schwartz will continue to lead this committee which will report either to Jane in her role as Treasurer or to Jen Hagar in her role as Corresponding Secretary.  Follow up efforts required with folks who express an interest in becoming involved with the SCNA including becoming a member. In addition, we are exploring ways to sign people up through Facebook.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 14th at 7:30 pm.