SCNA Board 9/8/20 


Jane Carroll, Gabe Ciociola, Jen Hagar, Dennis Maroney, Milo Martinez, Erin Murphy, Lynn Murray, Jenn Santo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

President’s Report

  • Reviewing painting a crosswalk at Narbonne House on Essex Street with Dave Knowlton.
  • NIAC meeting on 9/9/20 to be covered by Gabe.  Update: minutes distributed.
  • Still waiting to hear on proposed Stop Sign at WSE/Andrews St. intersection.
  • SCNA remains supportive of City’s plans to increase mask signage, to use mask ambassadors, and to increase testing.  Update: Halloween updates coming.
  • Evidence of stickers & graffiti on the Common continue to be reported to the SPD.
  • Opportunities for new landscaping at Bandstand & Arch being explored.

Friends of the Salem Common Update (Group)

Friends of Salem Common (FOSC) has prepared a Conditions Report – but not a Master Plan – & distributed it to City & elected officials. The report does not address the Playground, the Common Fence, the Bandstand or the Arch.  The report’s focus was on Lighting, Soil, Trees & Benches – all areas that the SCNA is already engaging on with the City & the appropriate Commissioners. The report listed recommendations in these areas without citing funding.

Update: Erin at Preservation Partners meeting explained that we are two different orgs.

Common Updates & Issues

  • Three non-smoking signs are to be installed at Playground, Bandstand & Arch.
  • The locking mechanism for the bulkhead is being replaced via warranty.
  • Tree removals on hold until community discussion.
  • SCNA provided design for Bandstand landscaping which is now in the review process.
  • Paint on basketball court is peeling badly and the uneven surfacing is causing water to pool.
  • Mushroom growth & ant infestation continues to spread.  Jenn has reached out to Madore.
  • Jenn should be notified about any Common-related issues or post them to SeeClickFix site.


Holiday Common Decorating:

  • Jenn to contact T. O’Donnell & B. Michaud about contributions of tree, swags, and wreaths.
  • SCNA will purchase new bows.
  • We are targeting the event for the Sunday after Thanksgiving: 11/29/20.
  • Lets make it a fun community event as always that volunteers will enjoy participating in.


  • Great recent newsletter Jen!
  • Possible topics for the next newsletter could include Mask Patrol, testing, Arch story, landscaping projects and Salem house tour going virtual this year.

Washington Arch Restoration:

  • Explanatory sign text/graphics approved by Patti Kelleher & Jen Ratliff.  Well done Erin!
  • PEM collaboration meeting with Steven Mallory.  Update: Successful meeting on 9/14.
  • Landscaping design along with updated rendering are in the review process.
  • The City continues to engage on the brick pad and new landscaping.
  • Ray Jodoin of City has met with Plants & Pleasantries the proposed landscaper.


  • New activity: $75.00(1 family and 1 individual)
  • Total: 41 including 12 family members & 5 businesses
  • Facebook:  Joining SCNA FB group & membership procedures under review.

Treasurer’s report

Total Funds: $23,198.94

  • Checking: $10,337.81
  • Savings: $3,009.25
  • Arch Fund: $9,851.88

Incurred Expenses:  $100.00

  • The Maker’s Guild (check #1566)

Tax filing status for FY 2018 – 2019: Federal completed & MA tax filing due in November

Our September Board meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

The next Board Meeting will be held October 13th at 7:30 PM as an online meeting