SCNA Board Meeting: 11/8/22 Updated: 11/12/22

Location: Online
Attendees: Dennis, Gabe, Jen, Jenn & Milo

President/VP Report: Dennis/Gabe


  • A plan is needed like the WSN solution for Playground crossing
  • Stop sign at Andrew Streets & speed cushions on Washington Square
  • Rerouting 1A@Winter to Washington St/Bridge Ext needs legislation
    • Bridge St. Neighborhood Association also supports

NIAC: Gabe attended 11/9 meeting focused on Signature Parks & Salem 400

Treasury Report: Jane (Data As of 11/8/22)

Total Funds $25,887: Checking ($10,839), Savings ($5,018), Arch ($10,030)

  • Incurred Expenses $293: Holiday Decorations: ($196); Kids Fest ($97)
  • Anticipated $1455: Holiday Tree ($280)/Band ($750); Arch Sign ($425)
  • Donations: Lodge 118/Arch ($250); Lawn Party, Yard Sale & Fun Fest ($724)

Membership Report: Amy (Data As of 10/11/22)

Memberships 64/Members 95: (32) Family, (23) Individual, (9) Business
Black Veil Tattoo & Badabing Barber Shop may be interested in joining

Newsletter: Jen

Next NL: Interview Joyce Maroney on volunteering. Add pics from events.
Will also include updates on Common decorating & concert events

Common & Neighborhood Enhancements: Jenn

New Staff: Welcome to Mike Crounese as new head of Signature Parks
Little Library: Kristen F advised to file applications with SHC & Park/Rec
Bandstand: Hatch doors – may require redesign for potential safety issues
Phase 2 (restore dome; add flowerbeds) exploring w/Mike C

Lawn: Extra cleanups & vendor pads worked well
Removal of Info Booth & Portable Toilets happened
Concrete barriers to be removed soon
Winter treatment to be applied to Lawn shortly
Fence: Working with Patti K & Mike C on next steps
Future: Explore possible adult recreational/fitness installation on Common

Events: Milo

  • Kids Fun Fest was successful – thanks to all who helped
  • Holiday Decorating: @ Common on Nov 27 th @ noon
    • Explore Coffee Time donating drinks & pastries
  • Holiday Concert: @ the Bridge@211 on Dec 18 th at 2 PM
  • HSI house tour: SCNA will take a one-page ad for brochure
  • SCNA event coordination discussion held – decision by Jan 2023

Washington Arch Initiative: Gabe

  • Approvals: SHC & MHC approved proceeding with Carvings work
  • State: Grant for Carvings received by City – Mike C is unlocking
  • Skylight Studios: Mike C & PEM are working with carver
  • Carvings: Replicas of McIntire originals (Washington Oval & Eagle) to be created along with swag replicas from that era


Next Board Meeting: December 13th, 2022 at 7:30. Location: TBD