SCNA Board Meeting 4/23/24

Board Members

  • President – Micah Hapworth
  • Vice President – Gabe Ciociola
  • Treasurer – Jane Carroll
  • Corresponding Secretary – Jen Hagar
  • Recording Secretary – Milo Martinez

Chair Positions

  • Finance Chair – Dennis Maroney
  • Common Issues Chair – Jennifer MacGregor
  • Events Chair – Kelly Baldassarri
  • Membership Chair – OPEN

Old Business: Micah and Gabe

  • NIAC-Salem Beautification Committee: Window Box Competition/Traffic Islands, annual cleanup event, would we ever want to sponsor a “lady of Salem?’ $75-$300 Too late for this year, cost is yearly, Should we purchase our own cleanup tools?, underbandstand, misc tools, belongs to city City of Salem scholarships still open, members needed for CBA Working group, poet laureate program application process open.
  • Muster good turnout, thanked by Governor. $10 donation 1 Individual Membership
  • Hybrid Meeting Options tabled
  • Traffic Calming and Upgrades Update: Gabe
    • Speed Bumps/Stanchions and Flashing signs for playground
    • Paving Washington Square

Board/Chair Reports 

Correspondence: Jen

  • Newsletter April : feature new president and events

Recording Secretary: Milo

Finance Chair: Dennis

Common Issues: Jennifer and Jenn 

  • Reached out to Katie and Ray but haven’t found a chance to meet yet. Meet with Katie 4/24
    • Benches need to be moved still?
    • Remove mold on benches (mentioned at NIAC meeting)
    • Playground swing fixed?
    • Rubber surfacing repair
    • Aggregate Co. for stone dust?
    • What to do about metal edging sticking up
    • Keep tabs on trial lampheads at the SW corner. SHC has jurisdiction

SCNA Events: Kelly and Milo

  • Spring Movie Night: Status on Father Ives/St Peter’s Church?
  • Event Schedule: 
    • May: Cinco de Mayo party or Memorial day “block party”
    • June: 
    • 4th of July: Planning should commence. Speaker? Reach out to Diana Dunlap of the Historical Society. Intro and closing speakers. Soloist? Ask Caroline Watson-Felt or Seth Molton to speak if Dominic Pangallo has not already been asked
    • July/August: Wednesday Movie Nights: Independence Day, An American Tail/The Land Before Time/The Good Dinosaur, Hook, ET, Jumanji, Avengers/Spiderman no way home
    • September: Lawn Party
    • October: Fun Fest (last two weekends of October)
    • December: Holiday Concert
    • Movie Licensing
    • Purchasing a Popcorn Machine: start by renting a machine for one movie and deciding from there, biggest concern is storage
    • Asking for donations
  • Vintage Lawn Party: What help is needed? Date change to 9/14 and 15
    • Status on the Vintage Baseball game idea
    • Date for the Lawn Party?

Treasury Report: Jane

  • Current Account Status
    • Upcoming Expenses: Amount of $ for landscaping the arch, $1,000 for landscaping the traffic island and Civil War monument. $950 for the website update. $700 for a new speaker. 

New Business: Micah

  • Meeting with John Andrews, Jeremy Fiske (Milo and Kelly want to come?) and FOSC this week
  • Website Updates: Looks like we will continue with WordPress. Waiting on next steps from Kristen.
  • Membership Drive: What is our budget for flyers? Remittance Envelopes printed by Creative Ink
  • Holding off on New Logo for now-something to look into in the future


  • Bandstand will be part of Phase 2 City initiative, flower beds and electric 
  • Adult recreation area?
  • Washington Arch-what are our specific future plans/goals? Would love to see the SW Corner repaired for 2026

NEXT MEETING (4th Wednesdays of the Month) May 22nd 7:30PM Micah’s House or Zoom