SCNA Board Meeting Updates August 2019

Present:  Jane Carroll, Gabe Ciociola, Jen Hagar, Milo Martinez, Dennis Maroney, Lynn Murray, Gary Santo, Jenn Santo

Guests:  Gavin Gardner, National Park Service; Emily Udy, Historic Salem; Patty Kelleher, City of Salem Preservation Planner

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm.  Dennis began by thanking our guests for attending & providing background about historic preservation in the Common neighborhood.

Our guests’ purpose in attending was to provide information about historic homes & districts.

Emily & Patti reported that there are 46 properties listed in the Washington Square historic district – essentially the perimeter of the Salem Common.  This is out of the 3,100+ households in the Salem Common Neighborhood. In 1977, there was a survey performed noting what buildings were of historically significance and which ones might be included in the district.

The district has not been reviewed since that time.

Districts on the National Register have federal recognition but not a lot of protection. There have been none identified in Salem since 1985.  Opposition to the designation of historic districts/homes can stem from misperceptions about increased costs & taxes or potential loss of control over exterior appearance.

Patti & Emily emphasized that the City wished to provide information on the advantages of preserving historic homes and districts.  They are happy to provide this information in coordination with the neighborhood associations.  One idea was to create joint offerings through a City/SCNA partnership on the HSI plaque program or the City solar program.

The SCNA Board – while making no commitments – expressed interest in exploring these opportunities further.  Both Emily & Patti indicated that there could be potential funding to distribute relevant information to the SCNA’s Common charter area.  They will also provide links to the 2015 preservation plan for us to distribute.

We thanked Emily, Patti & Gavin for a productive meeting & we look forward to hearing more.

President’s Report

Jenna Ide reported that the Fence sections by the Hawthorne and WSE will be removed in September and reinstalled in April 2020.  The short, interim and long-term plan for the bandstand was discussed with the Planning Department:

  • Phase 1 including hardscaping and hatch work to begin in August 2019
  • Phase 2 in 2020 is subject to funding

The “No Smoking” ordinance for all parks is still in Committee but is expected to pass.  Signs have been ordered with the Common to be the first to receive them.

Crosswalk painting is scheduled to be done in August and will be scheduled to earlier in 2020.

Update: Crosswalk painting done for Common and surrounding neighborhoods.

NIAC Meetings:

No NIAC meeting in August.  Next meeting is September 11th.

July 10th minutes already distributed to the Board.

There is a new tree/landscaping group forming.  Arborist Bob LeBlanc was hired and met with Jenn and Josh on July 10th.  Bob has offered to attend an SCNA board meeting.

New Programs from The City:

  • Solarize MA Plus – potential to hold neighborhood event with SCNA in October
  • Hazard Mitigation – information distributed to the Board
  • Scooter, bike lanes and adaptive bike information distributed to the Board

Member Communication:

  • Jane sent mailers to those who did not renew and was met with a good response
  • Need to connect with new SCNA FB members who have provided emails
  • Jen to send August newsletter containing above information


Kid Fest with Fiesta received approval from the City.   EJ Dean suggestions for carving, magician etc. require follow up.

The League of Women Voters has requested that we host a debate for the remaining at-large candidates following the September primary.

Arch Activity:

  • Explanatory sign creation: $1,100 basic quote with optional $600 for graphic services.
  • Sign content needed from Gabe to allow Milo to submit design
    • Update:First version of content circulated by Gabe on 8.19.19 for review
    • Update:Lynn will edit final version including previous versions
  • Carving work quote: Peter LaChapelle recommends a Beverly based vendor

Treasurer’s Report

  • Savings:            $3005.98
  • Arch Fund:        $9091.43
  • Checking:        $10,749.20
  • Total Funds:     $22,846.61

New Memberships: $844.16

  • 2 Business, 11 Family, 6 Individual

Donations: $271.32

  • $107 (7/10 concert)
  • $100 (general)
  • $43.32 (7/24 concert)
  • $21 (8/7 movie)

Incurred Expenses:  $2,590.05

  • Erinn Brown Band: $550 (concert 7/10):
  • Kevin Patey: $300 (balance for 7/24 concert):
  • Updated postcards: $110
  • Movie Projector: $743.74 (check #1589)
  • Essex Heritage: $100 (check #1590)
  • Black and Tan Co.: $750 (dance floor rental check #1591)
  • Candy for movie nights: $36.31 (check #1592)

Anticipated Expenses

  • Arch Explanatory Sign: $1,110-$1,710 (estimated)
  • Lawn party: $1,315 (estimated)
  • Yard sale: TBD
  • Kids Fest: TBD
  • Holiday concert: TBD

Events Committee Report

  • The Vintage Lawn Party is on Sunday, September 8th.  There will be bocce, badminton, croquet, a food truck, and a member’s tent.
  • The Yard Sale will be held on September 21st. Tables be available for use for a donation of $25.
  • Planning for the Kid Fest in October will begin right after the lawn party.
  • The Holiday Concert will be held on Sunday, December 15th at the Bridge at 211.

The meeting was adjourned at 10 pm. The next SCNA Board meeting will be on Tuesday, September 10th. Gavin Gardner and Paul DePrey of the National Park Service will be our guests.