SCNA Board 11/12/19 

Present:         Gabe Ciociola, Jen Hagar, Dennis Maroney, Milo Martinez, Lynn Murray, Jenn Santo

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm

President’s Report

Trish O’Brien City Parks Director has confirmed that she will attend Dec 10th meeting.

There has been positive feedback from our meeting with HSI and Salem Preservation Planning. These groups would like to attend an SCNA meeting in early 2020.

The Common Fence Restoration is moving along.  Sections by Hawthorne and Washington Square East will be tagged this month for December removal with restoration in spring 2020.  Anyone who has unbroken Fence parts should turn them into the City for potential re-use.

Renovations to the Bandstand were discussed with the Planning Department.  Phase I (hardscaping, etc.) & Phase II restoration are now to occur in 2020 subject to funding.

The No Smoking parks ordinance is still in Committee but expected to pass.  No Smoking signs are pending approval.  When the signs are installed, they hopefully will apply to the whole Common & not just for the 50-foot perimeter around the playground.

The next NIAC meeting is scheduled for 11/13.  NIAC 10/9 minutes circulated.

New programs from the City:

  • Solarize MA Plus. We met with Jenna’s team & were originally planning on a December meeting for the SCNA community.  The program’s launch event has been moved to 12/9 from 6 to 8 PM at the Community Center. After the launch, we will see if there is still a need for a separate SCNA community event.
  • Fossil Free Salem. A meeting will be held at Community Center on 11/18 at 6:15 PM.

The “Kids Fest” was a great event as always despite being just three days in length due to bad weather on the last day. A big thanks to Milo and to all of the volunteers.

The Holiday Concert is coming up soon on 12/15 at 3 PM at Bridge @ 211.  Lynn will organize the bake sale.  Milo will talk to Jim Bostick about having the Salem Art Association support this concert.  Donations for the Food Bank will be gladly accepted.

The SCNA provided an extensive list of questions for the Ward 2 Councilor debate.

Under Gabe’s leadership and with Jane’s assistance, we are adding members through Facebook sign up. This augments the efforts made at our various events.

Update on Washington Arch:

  • Explanatory sign delayed until spring to ensure accuracy of text & images.
  • Positive preliminary discussions held with PEM regarding their participation.
  • Discussions restarted with City (David Knowlton) on providing brick pad for Arch area.
  • Gabe & Milo to review & update original Arch submission to Historical Commission.
  • Reaching out to the National Park Service, the Massachusetts National Guard, & the Hawthorne Hotel to be contributors to the Arch effort.

Treasurer’s report

  • Total Funds: $22,279.19
  • Checking $9093.72

New Memberships: $38.46

Incurred Expenses: $699.89

  • Island beautification: $258.41 (check #1598)
  • Fun Fest candy: $141.48 (check #1599)
  • Historic Salem
  •  Holiday concert ½ page ad:  $200.00 (check #1600)
  • City of Salem: Tree Fund $100 (check #1601)

Anticipated Expenses:

  • Holiday concert  $750
  • MA taxes & filings: $1,000

Savings $3006.75

Arch Fund $10,178.72

Events Committee Report

Christmas Tree Lighting & Common Decorations. Jenn will confirm O’Donnell tree donation as well as wreath donations. Jenn to advise on date for decoration event.

Holiday Concert.  Milo is finalizing the contract with Merrimack Valley Concert Band. He has also placed an ad in Christmas in Salem booklet for this event.

Winter Brunch.  We are targeting a January or February date for a brunch at Hawthorne offering a discount to SCNA members.  We would like to have Ty Hapworth as our speaker.

Winter Movie Night.  Milo will contact Tina Jordan of the Salem Witch Museum about setting a date for movie night at the museum in February or March.

Annual Meeting.

  • This event needs to occur in late March and the Mayor was suggested as our speaker. Jenn will handle booking the hotel.
  • Jane will work on member reminders about the 30-day requirement to be a member in good standing in order to vote.
  • Gabe will form a nominating committee to create a slate for board positions.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm. 

The next meeting will be held on Dec. 10that 7:30 pm.