SCNA Board 12/10/19 

Present:         Gabe Ciociola, Jen Hagar, Dennis Maroney, Milo Martinez, Lynn Murray, Jenn Santo

Guests:           Trish O’Brien, Executive Director, City of Salem Park, Recreation and Community Services Department

Trish grew up in Dorchester, MA and later attended Salem State University for both undergraduate and graduate school.  She has been in her current position for 3 1/2 years.  She has responsibility for all of the Salem parks including Winter Island and the Salem Municipal Golf Course, the Witch House and the Council on Aging.  She has a staff of 12 full time employees that is augmented by some part-time seasonal employees.

She discussed the ongoing projects in the City including the related challenges of rising costs and the lack of workers due to the low unemployment rate.  She mentioned the proposed swap of Camp Naumkeag and Pioneer village.  The City has hired the Institute for Center Design as a consultant to do accessibility studies of the various parks so that future improvements are more accessible to the disabled.

Board members mentioned concerns about damage to the Common fence during the winter months due to snow being pushed up against it and suggested placing jersey barriers around the perimeter to prevent such damage.  A request was also made to have the City pick up the large number of branches stacked by residents around the Common.

President’s Report

Our volunteers had a wonderful time decorating the Common Tree & lampposts on 12/1.  Thanks to Park Services for securing the Tree multiple times as well as to the O’Donnell Funeral Home and the Salem Witch Museum for tree & wreath/garland donations.

There has been positive feedback from our meeting with HSI and Salem Preservation Planning. These groups would like to meet with us in early 2020.

The Common Fence Restoration is moving along.  Sections by Hawthorne and Washington Square East have been tagged for December/January removal with restoration in spring 2020.  Old Fence parts were turned in for potential re-use.

Renovations to the Bandstand were discussed with the Planning Department. Phase I (hardscaping, etc.) & Phase II restorations are now to occur in 2020.

The No Smoking parks ordinance is still in Committee with the no smoking signs also pending approval. When the signs are installed, they hopefully will apply to the whole Common & not just for the 50-foot perimeter around the playground.

The next NIAC meeting is scheduled for 12/11.  NIAC 11/13 minutes circulated.

New programs from the City:

  • Solarize MA Plus. A successful launch of the program was held on 12/9.  We are working with Jenna Ide’s team to see if there is still a need for a separate SCNA community event.  If held, added focus would be on historic homes and condos.

Jane has agreed to the Board’s request to be our Membership Director supported by Gabe maintaining the member database.  Our thanks to them both.

The Holiday Concert is on 12/15 at 3 PM at Bridge @ 211.  Lynn will organize the bake sale.  Donations for the Food Bank will be gladly accepted as well.

Upcoming Events.  Jenn has arranged for a Sunday winter brunch at the Hawthorne on Sunday February 9th.  Jenn has also confirmed our Annual Meeting will beat the Hawthorne on Thursday March 26that 7 PM.

Update on Washington Arch Project:

  • Explanatory sign delayed until spring to ensure accuracy of text & images.
  • Positive discussions held with PEM regarding their participation.
  • Dennis & Gabe developing white paper on overall project to encourage participation.
  • Discussions restarted with City (David Knowlton) on providing brick pad for base of Arch.
  • Gabe & Milo to review & update original Arch submission to Historical Commission
  • Continuing to reach out to the National Park Service, the Mass National Guard and the Hawthorne Hotel to be contributors to the Arch effort.

Treasurer’s report

  • Total Funds: $21,046
  • Checking $8,945

New Memberships: $101

  • 2 family, 1 individual

Incurred Expenses: $1,624.15

  • Paul Madore concert donation/ad: $100 (check #1602)
  • Macera Hamlin tax accounting, filing & fees: $1,320 (check #1603)
  • USPS mailing:  $14.15
  • Chamber of Commerce Renewal:  $190 (check #1604)

Anticipated Expenses:

  • Holiday concert  $750
  • Common Holiday decorations: $105.93

Savings $3,007

Arch Fund $9,094

Events Committee Report

SCNA winter brunch will be held on Sunday February 9th at the Hawthorne Hotel.

        Update: At Large City Councilor Ty Hapworth has confirmed as our speaker. 

SCNA Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday March 26that & PM.

  • Those wishing to vote need to be paid members 30 days prior to the meeting.
  • Gabe to form Nominating Committee prior to the meeting to develop a slate of officers.

        Update: Mayor Kim Driscoll has confirmed as the featured speaker.

Movie Night at the Museum has not been decided but will most likely happen in early March.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 14th at 7:30 pm.