SCNA Board 2/11/20 

Present:         Jane Carroll, Gabe Ciociola, Jen Hagar, Dennis Maroney, Milo Martinez, Jenn Santo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

Guests:           Whitney Leese, Imagine 400, City of Salem

We were very happy to speak with Whitney Leese – our former Board colleague – who is now the lead contractor on the Salem 400 initiative culminating in 2026.  Whitney advised that this program was in early stages and all ideas were welcomed.  The overall themes are Community & Sustainability celebrating an inclusive look at Salem’s past & future. Included will be a focus on First Peoples, Old Vs New World, Revolution, Industrial Evolution, Urbanization & Next Century. Whitney hopes to have an overview of the initiative ready for distribution at our Annual Meeting.  We all let Whitney know of our excitement in supporting this initiative and welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with her & others on it.

President’s Report

There has been positive feedback from our meeting with HSI and Preservation Planning. Milo will follow up with Patti (Preservation) & Emily (HSI) to see what new material they have to share with the Common community. We will also followup with Patti on CPA funding for the Washington Arch restoration.

The Common Fence Restoration is moving ahead with sections by Hawthorne and Washington Square East removed by DeAngelis with planned spring reinstallation.

Renovations to the Bandstand per Planning Department for both Phase I (hardscaping, etc.) & Phase II restorations are now to occur in mid- 2020.

Both efforts to be included in the Common Master Plan in development by City.

The No Smoking parks ordinance is still in Committee with the no smoking signs also pending approval. Signs will hopefully apply to the whole Common and not just to the 50-foot perimeter around the playground.

Ongoing winter Common cleanup by Park services team is much appreciated. Scattered clumps of dirt have been requested to be removed.

The City has advised that they will maintain the orange lights donated by the movie company.  The board agreed that the lights are agood seasonal attraction.

NIAC occurred on2/12.  Minutes to be circulatedfor both 2/12 & 1/8 meetings.

New programs from the City:

  • Solarize MA Plus. Information included in our SCNA January Newsletter.
  • Salem Signature Parks.  Impact on Common of this large City initiative is TBD.

Membership RenewalProgram.  We concluded 2019 with 120 members& have begun to receive 2020 renewals. Jane is working on a mailer program and information cards targeting members and non-members from Facebook & Newsletter sources. Jane & Gabe approved to send out membership mailers.

Jane will also work with Milo to come up with the look for new banners to use at events.It is hoped that a common design be usedacross these various mediums.

Annual Meeting:  Gabe has createda nominating committee for the Annual Meeting involving participants from across the Common neighborhood.All currentofficers have agreed to run againand will be nominated as such. Candidates were discussed for the one open Board position and Milo & Gabe will confirm their interest.  Please renew your membership by 2/24 in order to vote.

Update on Washington Arch Project:

  • Explanatory sign delayed until spring to ensure accuracy of text & images.
  • Positive discussions held with PEM regarding their participation.
  • Arch Restoration Costs: $58K needed w/SCNA to donate $10K leaving $48K.
  • Engineer Knowltonassistance needed on Arch brick pad perCityagreement.
  • Gabe & Milo to update the original Arch submission to Historical Commission.
  • Reaching out to NPS, MA NG& Hawthorneto be contributors to the Arch effort.

Treasurer’s report

  • Total Funds: $23,643
  • Checking $10,390

New Memberships: $507

  • 6 family, 11 individuals

Proceeds: $1,540

  • Donations: $460
  • Brunch Tickets: $1,080

Incurred Expenses: $1,888

  • Winter Brunch                          $1,888

Anticipated Expenses:

  • Q1 2020:
    • Winter Brunch: $300
    • Annual Meeting: $200
    • Movie Night: $100
    • Event Post Cards: $200
    • Membership Mailings: $1,000
  • Q2 2020:
    • Annual Muster: $100
    • Kentucky Derby Party: $1,000
  • Q3 2020
    • 4thof July Reading of Declaration: $100
    • Movie Nights on Common: $100
    • Concerts on Common: $1,500
    • Lawn Party on Common: $1,000
    • Yard Sale on Common: $200
  • Q4 2020
    • Kids Fest: $200
    • Holiday Concert: $850

Savings $3007

Arch Fund $10,246

Events Committee Report

Events.  Brunch at the Hawthorne on 2/9 was well attendedwith 42 paid attendees& a big success.  Ty Hapworth gave an informative presentation.

March 6thwill be our free movie event at Witch Museum:” Death Becomes Her.”

Our Annual Meeting will be at the Hawthorne on Thursday March 26that 7 PM.  We are fortunate to have Mayor Driscoll as our speaker.

In April, we will be supporting the Muster on the Common on 4/11 @ 10 AM.

Planning is underway for our Derby Party in May & suggestions welcomed.


Our February Board meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

Our next meeting is scheduled at 7:30 on March 10th. Our focus will be on finalizing our community update for the Annual Meeting on March 26that the Hawthorne.

In April, our speaker will be Captain Stephens of the SPD on community policing efforts.