SCNA Board 11/10/20 

Present: Jane Carroll, Gabe Ciociola, Jen Hagar, Dennis Maroney, Milo Martinez, Lynn Murray, Jenn Santo

Guest: Ward 2 Salem City Councilor Christine Madore

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

Dennis opened the meeting by thanking Councilor Madore for her service.  The group then discussed what the SCNA could do to help her including what could be done to enhance communications between her and the SCNA. Councilor Madore then requested that texts be used instead of emails.  SCNA board meeting notes along with the SCNA newsletter will also be sent directly to her City email address.

Councilor Madore shared that she is on the City Economic Development, Recovery and Revitalization Task Force which meets twice a week.  Safeguarding the health of citizens and attending to the needs of local businesses have been the two big priorities during the pandemic with other priorities taking a back seat for now.  There has been a huge economic impact on the City with revenues received from the hotel/motel taxes down 50%.  The upcoming FY beginning in July 2021 will be even more of a challenge.

The group then discussed traffic issues around the Common – normally & during the Halloween season – which are a challenge. Residents have raised issues such as more frequent crosswalk painting, speedbumps by children’s playground & additional stop signs (e.g., corner of WSE/Andrew).  Councilor Madore explained that the Traffic and Parking department is doing its best but is under-resourced.   Suggestions around what citizens/groups could do were discussed to help with traffic calming.

Also, Councilor Madore was thanked for her help in addressing Halloween parking issues.

In discussing a future comprehensive plan to address the needs of the Common, the Councilor agreed that the City should be in charge of developing a master plan with the widest possible community involvement under the Signature Park initiative.  The SCNA is a strong supporter of such a path.

The previously promised installation by the City of a brick pad under the Washington Arch is to be funded through a Community Development Block Grant.  Councilor Madore will support DPS’ efforts in obtaining this grant. The installation of the pad will precede planned SCNA landscaping efforts.

Common Committee Report: 

Immediate Needs:  Overall fall cleanup of Common needed.  Creative Collective backdrops were well received but cleanup not done well including stakes buried in the ground which created tripping hazards.  Graffiti continues to be a problem particularly on playground equipment.  Lawn issues of ant infestation & mushroom growth requires a plan.  DPS aware of all issues via Jenn.

Other Issues: New Common signage is small & hard to read particularly regarding non-smoking rules.

Regarding Bandstand landscaping plan we are awaiting feedback & more details on proposal. Long term issues of ant infestation & mushroom growth need to be addressed.


Jenn reported that a neighbor on Kimball Court is donating the holiday tree.  The Witch Museum will donate the wreaths and swags.  Decorating will be held on the Common on Sunday Nov. 29th from

11 AM – 1 PM.  Social distancing/mask wearing rules will apply & no refreshments will be offered.

The due date for applications to the Salem Cultural Council have been extended.  Lynn will apply for one to help fund our next annual holiday concert which will be held in December of 2021.

Milo noted Patti Kelleher is forming a group called Salem Common Stakeholders.  More info to follow.


Jen continues to produce a great newsletter and is happy to receive suggestions for content.

Will send out reminder of Common decorating event in next issue & add Ty & Christine to distribution.

Washington Arch Restoration:

  • The explanatory sign text/graphics have been approved by Patti Kelleher and Jen Ratliff.
  • We are awaiting feedback from the PEM meeting that was held in September with S. Mallory.
  • Landscaping design along with updated rendering are in the review process.
  • Community Grant (CDBG) process for City installed brick pad underneath Arch underway.

Treasurer’s report

Jane reported that the SCNA taxes (990 form) for MA are completed & submitted for the 2019 tax year.

Total Funds: $23,110.36

  • Checking                      $10,247.09
  • Savings                         $3,009.75
  • Arch Fund                     $9,853.52

Incurred expenses:

  • Mocera Hamlin Assoc.:  $500 (check#1567) SCNA MA tax prep
  • Jenn Santo:  $73.66 (check #1569) Common Holiday decorating supplies

Memberships Total: 48 (8 Business, 22 Families, and 18 Individuals)

  • 1 new individual membership: $25
  • All new memberships made in Nov & Dec will be good though 2021

Our November Board meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Next meeting will be online at 7:30 on December 8th