SCNA Board 12/8/20 


Jane Carroll, Gabe Ciociola, Jen Hagar, Milo Martinez, Erin Murphy, Lynn Murray, Jenn Santo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

President’s Report

  • Councilor Madore supports working with Traffic Department on below:
    • Refresh crosswalk painting at WSE & Forrester
    • Traffic calming at Forrester, Essex & around Common
    • Stop sign at corner of WSE & Andrew Street
    • Milo reiterated the need for increased traffic calming around Washington Square.

NIAC meeting on 12/9/20: Update: Gabe covered and no major developments.

Signature Park initiative supported at Council sessions on 11/19 & 12/3. The Board of the SCNA has formally offered its support to this initiative.

A new Backstop on the Common will be one of several around the City and is being painted presumably to feature seasonal content. Creative Collective is responsible.

Common Updates & Issues

  • Common cleanup: Needs to be scheduled before winter subject to staff availability
  • Graffiti continues to be a problem particularly at playground as well as Arch.
  • Jenn also reported that there is another hole in the rubber flooring at the playground.
  • Lawn issues of ant infestation & mushroom growth remain a long-term problem.


Events: Holiday Decorating on 11/29 a big success with great turnout. Witch Museum/Michaud donated wreaths/holly.  We thanked the private donor for the

Holiday Tree.  SCNA donated lights & ornaments.

Although SCNA will not hosting the annual holiday concert, members will explore if there are ways to collect donations in kind or cash for the Salem Food Pantry.


  • Newsletter suggested topics: Signature Park, Common Decorating, others

Washington Arch Restoration:

  • Sign text/graphics approved by P. Kelleher & J. Ratliff . On hold until spring.
  • PEM meeting held in Sept. with S. Mallory. No word back as yet.
  • Landscaping design along with updated rendering.  On hold until spring.
  • Community Grant (CDBG) process underway for City installed brick pad.

Treasurer’s report

Total Funds: $22,536.91

  • Checking:   $9,672.58
  • Savings:      $3,010.00
  • Arch Fund: $9,854.33

Incurred Expenses:  $178.98

  • Historic Salem, Inc. Ad Donation:               $78.98
  • Salem Sound Coastwatch Membership:  $100.00

Membership Totals: 53 (8 business, 26 Families, and 19 individuals

  • New Memberships Revenues:$185.00

New & Renewal Memberships. Jane reported that efforts to offer memberships beginning now & extending through 2021 have been successful as well as FB signups.

New Business:

  • Dennis suggested having the chair of the Historical Commission attend our next meeting.
    • Milo agreed to reach out to him and find out his availability.
  • Gabe requested that any notifications of a time sensitive nature be sent via text.

Our December Board meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Next Board Meeting: January 12th, 2021 at 7:30. Location: Online meeting