SCNA Board 1/12/21

Present: Dennis, Gabe, Jane, Jenn, Milo, Erin, & Jen

Guest: Larry Spang unable to attend meeting. Patti Kelleher from City of Salem spoke instead.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

Patti spoke about a grant obtained from MA Historic Comm. An architect firm is creating new Historic Commission design guidelines that will assist in doing more detailed reviews.  Participating owners of historical properties will hopefully be better informed via this new process.

President’s Report

  • Signature Park initiative supported by SCNA was passed by City Council.
  • Councilor Madore elected City Council President.
  • Previously raised traffic calming issues will be followed up by Gabe with Traffic Dept.
  • Dennis spoke about city’s support for a pad and landscaping under Arch. Ray of DPS working on plan & will submit to HSC.  Ray is hoping to begin work in spring.
  • NIAC meeting held on Jan. 13thUpdates: February NIAC meeting will discuss vaccine rollout & be open to public;  temporary skating rink being looked at for Mack Park; how to respond to coyotes info will be distributed. Kylie Sullivan of Salem Main Streets confirmed that
      • So Sweet; Film Festival, Arts Festival & Farmers Market will occur in some fashion in 2021.

Washington Arch Restoration:

  • Renderings of Arch draft are done including explanatory sign, carvings, eagle and shield. PEM has indicated its willingness to help with the carvings and their installation. Copies of original carvings at PEM need to be created but scaled down to fit the current Arch.  After a complete update with Erin, Patti offered to follow up with PEM (Mallory & Monk).
  • Ray of DPS is driving the pad installation & will work with the landscaper on plantings of rose bushes & Annuals. Our plan is to do individual bricks for the pad so donors could be recognized as has been done for the playground.
  • Patti had several good suggestions including the explanatory sign taking a broad view of the Arch’s history & how it relates to the Common as a whole. She suggested a mockup arial view.
  • Bandstand landscaping rendering also being created by architect & landscaper.
  • Erin has applied for a grant to Essex Heritage to support our work – thanks Erin!


Milo asked Patti if temporary signage/back boards/ live books are submitted to HistComm for approval. The SCNA is not being communicated to prior to these materials being put up.

  • Milo spoke about changes to website to make donations easier.  Large donations should be by check & smaller ones via on-line.  Milo to look into adding auto renewal & pay TXN fee features.
  • Our next event will not occur until late summer.  Event ideas to be discussed at next BM.

Treasurer’s report

Total Funds: $22,473

  • Checking: $9,408
  • Savings: $3,010
  • Arch Fund: $10,055

Expenses: $580.00

  • 12/10/20: Salem Pantry donation $100.00
  • 12/21: Bridge at 211 donation $100.00
  • 1/10/21: PO Box Renewal $190.00
  • 1/10/21: Chamber of Commerce renewal $190.00

Memberships: 55 which includes 2 new families making 24 families & 8 businesses.

  • Membership Renewal: Jane to work with Jen on renewal messaging in our next newsletter.
  • Jane also authorized to design mailer to existing members with return envelope. Estimate: $200


Signature Park, Common Decorating are among possible topics.  Jen to reach out to business partners to get info about their businesses to be put in our next & subsequent Newsletters.

Common Updates & Issues

  • Fixes.  Common clean up, tree removal & playground railing repaired – thanks on all!
  • Clean-up of Holiday decorations taken down by Kevin C. and crew & everything neatly stored down in SCNA box in bandstand. Inventory of bows – 27 out of 35 saved for next year. They are worn but we might be able to get another year out of them. 1 bucket of bulbs retrieved to use next year.  Jenn purchasing another set this week from Ikea for $14.99 so everything matches. Milo suggested we invest in LED lights for next year so if a bulb goes out, the whole strand doesn’t go out. More costly but needed due to high winds which caused the lights to go out 3 times this year.  Board approved and purchase will be made when Jenn finds a sale.
  • Jenn to speak with Patty from P & R  and Ray from DPS about getting new bubble window for playground.  Also requesting they patch new hole in swing surface this spring versus summer.

Our December Board meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Next Board Meeting: Feb. 9th, 2021 at 7:30. Board decided not to have a speaker so we can plan Annual Meeting to be held online in March.