SCNA Board 2/9/21

Present:Dennis, Erin, Gabe, Jen, Jenn & Milo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

President’s Report

  • Signature Park Common Impact: Waiting for update from P. Kelleher
  • Traffic: Gabe has reached out to David Kucharsky on neighborhood issues:
  • Stop sign @ WSE/Andrew; Speed bumps by playground; Crosswalk painting
  • NIAC 2/10/21 covered virus/vaccine issues

Treasurer’s Report

Total Funds: $22,091

  • Checking: $9,026
  • Savings: $3,010
  • Arch Fund: $10,056


  • acquiring salemcommon.net ($279)
  • auto renewal ($211.44)

Memberships: Total at 55 including 24 family memberships & 8 businesses

  • Membership Renewal: Campaign to renew to be launched 2/17/21

Common Updates & Issues

  • Winter maintenance of Common a high priority & raised to Dominic
    • Main paths need to be snow blown & cut properly not on grass.
    • Plowing of track helpful as long as surface is not scraped up.
    • Common drainage remains a current & ongoing issue.
  • Playground: Contacted Ray on new bubble window & swing surface patch
  • Tree trimming: No notification or input to SCNA
  • “Flower” bench never cleaned up after decorating.  On SeeClickFix.
  • Graffiti continues to be a problem particularly on playground equipment.
  • New signage is hard to read especially non-smoking rules.


  • Events: None planned for the immediate future at this time.
  • Website: salemcommon.com & .net registered to SCNA
  • Website: Donor options updated including automatic membership renewal


  • February Newsletter:  Focus on Annual Meeting.  Will be sent on 2/17/21
  • Next Newsletter: Highlight SCNA Business Members

Washington Arch Restoration

  • Bandstand: Rendering of landscape plan funded by SCNA, City & vendors.
    • Quotes: $1,800 for rendering; $3,000 for landscaping
  • Explanatory Arch Sign: Approved by P. Kelleher/J. Ratliff. Hold until spring.
  • PEM:  Meeting held in Sept. with S. Mallory. Patti K follow up w/PEM.
  • Funding: Grant sought for overall project.  Obtaining quote on Eagle.
  • HistComm: Ray from DPS submission to include pad, landscaping & irrigation.
  • Follow-up: Milo to check with Patti K on when Ray’s submission will be on HSC’s agenda.  Jenn to ask Patti K about PEM status.

SCNA Annual Meeting: 

  • Mayor Driscoll to be our speaker on March 30that 7 PM at online meeting
  • Nomination committee for officer elections created by Gabe.
  • All current officers standing for reelection – thanks to all!
  • Members reminded to renew by 2/26 so they can vote per SCNA bylaws.
  • Online election to be held by email prior to Annual Meeting
  • Board to work on Annual Meeting presentation as a group.
Our February Board meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Next Board Meeting: March 9th, 2021 at 7:30.  Location: Online meeting. May decide to just have Annual Meeting on March 30th: TBD