SCNA Board 3/9/21

Present: Dennis, Erin, Gabe, Gary, Jane, Jen, Jenn & Milo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

President’s Report

  • Signature Park Common Impact: Waiting for update from P. Kelleher
  • Traffic: Gabe with support of SCNA Board & Councilor Madore has reached out to D. Kucharsky on issues.  DK invited to speak at April Board Meeting.
  • NIAC on 3/10/21 covered crime/chief search. Tip line is 978-619-5627.
  • Other:  Yard Waste: 3/20; E-Waste: 3/27; COVID Testing: Through 6/30

Treasurer’s Report

Total Funds: $23,384

  • Checking: $10,307
  • Savings: $3,010
  • Arch Fund: $10,066

Membership Renewal: 44 in total; 18 family memberships & 3 businesses

Common Updates & Issues

  • Fence Restoration: 10 to 16 sections along WSN between Mall & Oliver targeted for spring removal & repair with planned summer reinstallation
  • Common drainage remains an issue.
  • Playground: Contacted Ray on new bubble window & swing surface patch.
  • “Flower” bench never cleaned up after decorating.  On SeeClickFix.
  • New signage is hard to read especially non-smoking rules.


  • Muster in April & Clean Sweeps in May on hold per City.
  • 4thof July reading of Declaration may be our 2021 event starting point.
  • For 2021, summer films not concerts agreed as the way to go
  • Partnerships: All agreed to support the Film Festival – Milo to follow-up.
  • Support for Flower Beautification approved for 2021 – thanks Barb Swartz.
  • Website: Milo to update with Board Meeting Recaps and Newsletters.


  • March Newsletter:  Annual Meeting reminder and Traffic issues update.
  • Next Newsletter: Highlight SCNA Business Members with initial focus on long time SCNA supporter Salem Witch Museum.

Washington Arch Restoration

  • It was agreed that Bandstand & Arch projects would be treated separately
  • Bandstand: Rendering of landscape plan funded by SCNA, City & vendors.
    • Quotes: $1,800 for rendering; $3,000 for landscaping
  • Explanatory Arch Sign: Approved by P. Kelleher/J. Ratliff. Hold until spring.
  • PEM:  Role needs to be resolved.  Patti K’s assistance requested.
  • Funding: $2K grant sought for overall project.
  • Carvings:  Skylight Studios quotes $32K for GW, swags, eagle & MA seal.
  • HSC: Ray (DPS) making submission to include pad, landscaping & irrigation.
  • Follow-up: Milo checking with HistComm to see when DPS will be on agenda.

SCNA Annual Meeting: 

  • Mayor Driscoll to be our speaker on March 30that 7 PM at online meeting
  • Gabe requested nominations & current officers were reelected – thanks all
  • Board working on Annual Meeting (AM) presentation as a group.
  • Zoom based webinar for AM will allow questions from registered audience.
  • Will post meeting link on SCNA FB page & will include it in NL reminder.
Our March Board meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Next Board Meeting: April 13th, 2021 at 7:30.  Location: Online meeting. Speakers from Traffic Dept: Dave Kucharsky & Nick Downing to be confirmed.