SCNA Board 7/14/20 


Jane Carroll, Gabe Ciociola, Jen Hagar, Milo Martinez, Erin Murphy, Lynn Murray, Jenn Santo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

President’s Report

No speaker at our July Board meeting but Jenna Ide of City to join our August Board meeting.

  • Jenna to discuss possibility of flower beds being installed around the Bandstand.

June Preservation Partners meeting.  Erin provided update.

NIAC meeting held on July 8thhwith Jenn covering.  Minutes distributed.

City Updates & Other Activities from Non-City Entities Impacting Common:

  • Outdoor dining configurations to remain in place through November 1.
  • Non-City consultant Halvorson preparing Common “Conditions” vs “Master Plan”.
    • Status: Commissioners seek input when plan delivered to City.
  • Non-City consultant Davey Group doing Common tree inventory.
    • Status: Tree Commission & City Arborist have requested review of findings & recommendations. 
  • Non-City consultant Irrigation Consulting planning to examine irrigation.
    • Status: needed.

National Park Services:  Possibly expanding boundaries & name of current Salem Maritime Park.  Waiting for details to be shared.  No change.

Common Updates & Issues

Common Fence Restoration.  Sections by Hawthorne and Washington Square East restored & reinstalled by DeAngelis.   Status: Complete.  Other sections to be undertaken in 2021.

Bandstand Restoration.  This project started on schedule the week of March 16th.

-Phase 1 completed including excavation, new concrete surfaces, new drainage & landscaping as well as bulkhead enhancements.

-Protective fence removed & fully reopening happened on July 1st.  Looks great!

-Request for new painted plywood prior to windows install in Phase 2. Status: Open.

-Phase 2 if funded will occur in fall of 2021.  Status: Open.


Common Committee Report

  • Per Jenn, there is some concern about the new bulkhead/hatchway at the Bandstand as it does not sit flat on the base.  The contractor needs to be contacted.
  • There is also a problem with the basketball court as the paint is beginning to come up.
  • The two benches opposite the Bandstand were removed.
    • Update:  These benches have now been returned to their original positions.
  • The decorated bench is still a problem as a lot of litter is left behind.
    • Update: Jenn discussed this with Ray on the 13th.  City cleaned up & the person responsible talked to.

Common Illumination.  Milo, as member of Historic Commission, in discussion with Patti (Preservation) about all aspects: lighting, lanterns & eventually lampposts.  Historic Commission to pursue involvement with non-City consultant Lumen Lighting on their study and hold public hearings on new lantern types and other decisions. Status: unchanged.

No SmokingSigns.  Current ordinance prohibits smoking within 50 feet of Playground, BB court & Bandstand.  Per DPS, 3 signs are on order for Common, Bandstand & by Arch.   Status: Sign vendor advises signs will arrive in August.

Playground.  New accessible equipment now added & underlying surfaces upgraded.  Remaining issue is blacktop by BB court.  Status: Playground & BB court now open


  • Crosswalk painting on all Common crosswalks requested from DPS.  Status: Targeting July.
  • Request for stop sign at WSE/Andrew intersection to Councilor Madore. Awaiting response.
  • New crosswalk over Essex Street from WSE requested.
  • Great job by City on overall clean up before ceremony honoring fallen officer.
  • Regular maintenance needed as SCNA volunteers can’t keep up with the amount of litter.

Thanks to Jenn for raising this issue with Ray – we will discuss with Ray on July 13th.

Homeless on Common.  This has become an issue again.  Someone recently set up a tent on the Common & also left a shopping cart which were removed.  CIU part of SPD contacted.


After a lengthy discussion about holding events, it was felt that all should be put on hold during the pandemic.  Nothing appears to be feasible until there is a vaccine and life is back to somewhat normal. There will be a loss of significant revenue by not having the Kid Fest over two weekends in October however, we will not have concerts or other events to fund.  We are holding out hope that the Holiday Concert in December might occur.

Marketing.  Board in favor of offering e-commerce on our website in the form of t-shirts, etc. Milo designed SCNA t-shirts.  Status: Milo requested to activate function on website.

Membership Updates.  37 memberships in total which includes 10 families & 4 businesses. Jane to invite new residents of soon to complete K of C development to become members.

Newsletter. Suggestions for next NL:  Fence & Bandstand; Arch update including City & PEM perspective; Lynn profile; Playground sign; crosswalk painting; memorial on Common; etc.

Washington Arch Restoration:

  • Erin shared Makers Guild rendering of completed Arch with City (Patti & Ray) & PEM.
  • Erin shared Restoration action plan with Ray. Update: positive meeting held on 7/13.
  • Gabe, Erin & Peter in discussion on anti-graffiti & rot resistant paint to protect Arch.
  • Gabe, Milo & Erin to update the original Arch submission for Historical Commission review.
  • PEM (Bob Monk) contacted by Erin & Dennis to re-confirm their participation. Update: PEM replied that they remain interested but next discussion delayed to late August.
  • Explanatory sign needs to allow linkage of text & images to eventual restoration.
    • Ann Sousa shared image of 1976 brass marker. Ann & Jenn attempting to locate.
    • Update: Sign vendor confirms panels can be easily replaced so two panels will be utilized.The first will show our vision for future restoration & can be quickly prepared & installed in 2020. This first panel can then be easily replaced with a final version when the Arch restoration work is complete.
    • Update: Sign vendor to share design guidelines used by City & NPS.
  • Erin provided a draft image shared by City of the previously committed brick pad for the Arch (image at the end of this report). This rendering features a Compass Rose and offers the ability to add in brick donations.While very attractive, it will require further discussion.  Per Milo, the Historic Commission does not weigh in on features that are at grade so we may proceed in cooperation with the City.

Treasurer’s report

Total Funds: $23,127

  • Checking $10,369
  • Savings $3,008
  • Arch Fund $9,750


  • 2 business, 1 family

Incurred Expenses:  $538.59

  • The Maker’s Guild, Inc.: $250.00 (check #1556)
  • Barbara Swartz for Beautification Plantings:$288.59 (check #1564)

Estimated Membership/Events Expenses:

  • Due to Covid-19, there are no events scheduled at this time.


Next meeting is scheduled for August 11th at 7:30 PM.  A suggestion has been made to hold an in-person meeting socially distanced on the Common in the corner closest to Dennis’s and Jane’s homes.  As always, that day’s weather & City regulations will determine if feasible. If not, we will revert to an on-line meeting.

Our July Board meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM