SCNA Board 4/13/21

Present: Dennis, Erin, Gabe, Jane, Jen, Jim, Jenn & Milo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

President’s Report

  • City Updates:
    • Council President Madore will be completing her term and not running for
      re-election. SCNA thanks Christine for her service and wishes her well.
      New Police Chief is Lucas Miller an NYPD veteran. Welcome Chief Miller!
      COVID Ambassador leader Ben Shallop in place. Welcome Ben!
  • Traffic: Public session led by Gabe & D. Kucharsky of Traffic Dept attracted large
    number of attendees with wide ranging discussion on possible solutions such as:

    • Move painting of crosswalks including high visibility paint to this spring
    • Seasonal mid-crosswalk traffic stanchions should be placed at
    • WSE/Andrews; Forrester/Playground; Winter; Mall & Oliver Streets
    • Accessibility addressed with curb cuts where needed
    • Flashing reflector (e.g., Good Night Fatty’s)installed by Playground
    • Provide dates to implement City’s Washington Square North plan
  • Annual Meeting On 3/30/21:
    • Mayor’s talk & SCNA presentation well received by 40 attendees
    • Full meeting recording posted on FB and SCNA presentation on website
    • Follow up summary sent via Newsletter – thanks Jen & Lynn
  • Signature Parks/MA Grant: SCNA to attend upcoming City Council meeting
  • NIAC meeting on 4/14/21: Covered COVID Ambassadors & Salem survey
  • SCNA Leader: Board welcomed Jim Low to the Preservation & Arch Committee.
  • We will miss Erin who has done great work & is helping with transition. Thanks!

    Treasurer’s Report

    Total Funds: $23,728

    • Checking: $10,650
    • Savings: $3,011
    • Arch Fund: $10,067


  • Expenses:
    • Salem Beautification ($50);
    • Sec of State ($35)
    • Filings: IRS taxes; MA Secretary of State; MA Attorney General all done
Membership Renewal: 1 sponsor; 4 businesses; 22 Family; 26 individuals

Common Updates & Issues

  • Fence Restoration: Sections by WSN will be removed in spring for repair.
  • Lawn: Drainage and insect infestation remain issues.
  • Playground: Ray (DPS) on bubble window & swing surface patch status.
  • Bench Trash: Thanks to Cpt Ryan & Sgt Gross of CIU issue was addressed.

Events + Website

  • Discussion Regarding Possibility of Events If Restrictions Lifted:
  • 4 th of July event: Milo to discuss with Hannah.
  • Movies in July & August? No summer concerts this year.
  • Kids Fun Festival: Fiesta Shows reaching out on this October event.
  • Holiday Concert: Milo contacting North Shore Band on availability.


  • Annual Meeting reminder & recap sent via Newsletter
  • April Newsletter to highlight our business partners

Washington Arch Restoration

  • Arch Restoration building momentum:
    • Historical Commission: Next phase of restoration including brick pad,
      explanatory sign & landscaping approved at 4/21/21 meeting.
    • Essex Heritage: $2,000 grant received – well done Erin!
    • Eagle & Carvings: Skylight Studios quote received by Erin.
    • Explanatory Sign: Reviewed by J. Ratliff. Ready to be ordered.
    • Landscaping: Vendor plan approved. Ready to be ordered.
    • PEM: Collaboration on hold.
  • Bandstand Flower Beds: Dominick working with Jenna Ide on final approval.
  • Preservation Partners: 4/15 meeting covered by team member Jim Low

Next Board Meeting: May 11, 2021 at 7:30. Location: Online meeting