SCNA Board Meeting 3.8.22 Recap Updates: 3.16.22

Board Attendees Via Online: Amy, Dennis, Gabe, Jane, Jen, Jenn, Milo

President/VP Report: Dennis/Gabe

Working with Traffic Dept & Councilor Watson-Felt: Hoping that:

  • Playground/WSN crosswalks plan will occur including reflective paint.
  • Rubber speed bumps may be approved for Common & side streets.
  • Rerouting 1A via legislative action to Wash St/Bridge St Ext.
    • Bridge St. neighborhood association also supports

NIAC: Minutes distributed. Next meeting April 13 th .
Annual Meeting 3/31:

  • Current Board standing for re-election – no other candidates.
  • Revised bylaws distributed & to be voted on at meeting.

Participation: Need for additional active volunteers as well as Board members.

  • Amy Gorrie has joined us as Membership Chair – welcome Amy!

Treasury & Membership Reports: Jane (Data As of 3.12.22)

  • Total Funds $26,793: Checking ($11,320), Savings ($5,015), Arch ($10,458)
  • Expenses Incurred: $2,534
  • Arch Deposits: $300 painter Nolasco & $125 landscaper Arch Design
  • Brunch: $1,939 to Hawthorne; $88 for decorations; $45 for Staples
  • Checks: $37 for new checks

Expenses Anticipated: $5,328

  • Arch Remainders: Painting $1,350 & landscaping $1,328
    • Deposit for Skylight Studios for carvings $500
  • Membership: Creative Ink mailer to Common Neighbors (est. $2,000)
  • Donations: $150 Ukrainian relief

2021 Memberships 66: (1) Sponsor, (7) Business, (27) Family, (31) Individual
2022 Memberships 34: (19) Family, (15) Individual

Newsletter: Jen

Newsletter: Recap of Brunch including Councilor speeches; Annual Meeting
reminder and list of SCNA donor organizations

Common & Neighborhood Issues: Jenn

Cleanup: Great job by City team on overall Common cleanup.
Repairs: Baluster by Hawthorne repaired.
Open: Graffiti to be cleaned off on Hawthorne electric box & Bandstand.
Lawn: Overall refresh needed (tire ruts repair, etc.) – DPS targeting spring.

Common & Neighborhood Enhancements: Jenn

Benches: 4 ADA benches installed – questions raised on useability.
Additional regular benches planned for spring.
Bandstand: Phase 2 scheduled for summer – may include flower beds.
Trees: New plantings & pruning being planned for spring.
Trash Barrels: Useability of new larger barrels under discussion.

Website/Tech: Milo

Website: Revised bylaws are on website for current member review.
Annual Meeting: Draft Power Point being reviewed by Board.
Facebook: Board agreed to change questions. Milo to implement.

Events: Milo

Annual Meeting via webinar 3/31 7PM – Councilor Ty Hapworth speaker.
Draft 2022 event schedule to be ready for Annual Meeting.

  • Adele ready to support with postcard when schedule set.
  • SCNA to support Garden Club July event with donation.
  • Salem Sustainability Coordinator Stacy Kilb invited to our events.

Arch Restoration: Gabe

City: SHC approved overall Arch plan on 4/21/21. Cravings need certificate.
Painting/Landscaping: Nolasco/Arch Design are selected vendors.
Carvings: Moving to contract with PEM endorsed designer Skylight Studios.
Veterans: Working with Kim Emerling on incorporating Arch into Muster.
Salem TV/Digest: To broadcast Arch progress interview last week of March.
Essex Heritage: Waiting for receipt of $2,000 grant. Pursuing Charles Smith.
PEM: Pursuing connection to McIntire originals via Curator Sarah Chasse.

Next Board Meeting: April 12th, 2022, at 7:30. Location: TBD