SCNA Board Meeting: 4.12.22 Recap & Updates: 4.17.22

Board Attendees Met in Person: Dennis, Jen, Jenn, Milo

President/VP Report: Dennis/Gabe

Working with Traffic Dept & Councilor Watson-Felt: Plan in place for:

  • WSN crosswalks with thermoplastic paint, bump outs & stanchions
  • Rubber speed cushions approved for Mall & Howard Streets.
  • Hope to extend improvements to more streets & playground
  • Rerouting 1A@Winter St to Wash St/Bridge St Ext. needs legislation
    • Bridge St. Neighborhood Association also supports

NIAC: Minutes distributed. Next meeting April 12 th .
Annual Meeting 3/31:

  • Current Board stood for re-election – all were ratified.
  • Revised bylaws approved & posted to SCNA website.
  • 50+ views of meeting featuring Councilor Hapworth as speaker.
  • Meeting discussion & presentation are on SCNA website & Facebook.

Participation: Need for additional active volunteers as well as Board members.

Treasury & Membership Reports: Jane (Data As of 4.11.22)

Total Funds $28,345: Checking ($12,222), Savings ($5,014), Arch ($11,109)
Filings: Attorney General, Secretary of State & IRS done; in process MA Tax
Expenses Incurred: $1,658

  • Arch work: $1,350 painter Nolasco paid in full
  • Donations By SCNA: $150 Ukrainian relief & $103 Salem Pantry
  • Annual Meeting: $100 for Zoom webinar capability

Expenses Anticipated: $3,828

  • Arch Work: $1,328 landscaping by Arbor Design
    • Deposit for Skylight Studios for carvings $500 (total = $34,250)
  • Membership: Creative Ink mailer to Common Neighbors (est. $2,000)
    2021 Memberships 66: (27) Family, (31) Individual, (1) Sponsor, (7) Business
    2022 Memberships 41: (20) Family, (15) Individual, (6) Business

Newsletter: Jen

Newsletter: Annual Meeting recap; Arch SATV link; upcoming events
Common & Neighborhood Items: Jenn
Muster Cleanup: Great job by City team on overall Common cleanup.
Bandstand: Graffiti cleaned off Bandstand.

Common & Neighborhood Enhancements: Jenn

  • Successful meeting held with City’s new landscape architect.
  • Lawn Revitalization: Ray Jodoin/DPS shared the plan for Common’s 9 acres:
  • In early May, Shursberry Landscaping will fill all low areas with 32 tons of improved root zone mix. This will be followed by aerifying, seeding (500 lbs. per acre), dragging with harrow, & fertilizing (6 bags per acre). Monthly fertilizing will then continue thru November at the rate of 4.5 bags per acre.
  • Trees: Per Arborist Bob LeBlanc, pruning to begin 4/19 with plantings later.
  • Pruning to be done by Cicoria Tree and Crane Services.
  • Benches: 4 ADA benches installed. Need for transition points raised.
  • 3 regular benches installed with 5 more planned for 2023.
  • Bandstand: Phase 2 scheduled for summer – may include flower beds.
  • Trash Barrels: Useability of new larger barrels under discussion.

Events: Milo

Draft 2022 event schedule distributed at Annual Meeting.

  • Adele ready to support with postcard when schedule set.
  • Common Cleanup on 4/24 as part Great Salem Cleanup.
  • Then Movie Night (Clue) on 4/29 at Diehl Marcus & Co.
  • SCNA is a leading sponsor of Garden Club’s July event.
  • Sustainability Lead Stacy Kilb invited to SCNA events including May Board.

Arch Restoration: Gabe

City: SHC approved overall Arch plan on 4/21/21. Cravings need certificate.
Painting/Landscaping: Painting completed – landscaping to complete April.
Carvings: Moving to contract with PEM endorsed designer: Skylight Studios.
Veterans: Kim Emerling working on incorporating Arch into 2023 Muster.
Salem TV/Digest: Arch Restoration program well received & can be viewed:
Essex Heritage: $2,000 grant received.
PEM: Access to McIntire originals approved via Curator Sarah Chasse.

Next Board Meeting: May 10th, 2022, at 7:30. Location: TBD