SCNA December Board Meeting 12/12/23

President/VP Report: Dennis/Gabe

  • SAFE CBA Offshore Wind Facility: Final discussions to conclude with Crowley, City & input from SOWA by year end 2023.
  • Upgrades & Traffic Calming: Gabe checking on status with Traffic Dept.
    • Traffic stanchions need to be replaced by Witch Museum – open
    • Speed bumps, stanchions & flashing signs needed by spring at playground
    • Paving & walkway painting around Washington Square needed by spring
    • Traffic monitoring on Winter Street as part of decision to reroute 1A
  • Website Updates: Milo to add Board Meeting recaps & events.
  • NIAC: Next meeting at 12/13/23. Gabe to attend.
  • Washington Arch: Decorated with reattached wreath as part of HSI CSI event.

Treasury Report: Jane (Data As of 12/12/23)

  • Current Funds: $31,141 Checking ($15,864), Reserve ($7,025), Arch ($8,252)
  • Incurred Expenses: $1,192.00: Adele $300 event flyer design; Minit-Print $58; Holiday Concert Band $750
  • Anticipated Expenses: $2,950: Membership Mailer ($1K), Website On Hold ($950), Arch Casting for storage ($1K)
  • Donations: $4,421: Witch Museum: $75 for bows; Fiesta Shows: $4,346

Membership Report: Jane Acting Lead (Data As of 12/12/23)

  • Current year: 65/Members 86: (21) Family, (37) Individual, (7) Business
  • New members signed up in fall are good for next year as well
  • Membership Lead Needed: New lead needed

Newsletter: Jen

Next NL: Request new leaders for events & membership as well as producing updated event schedule. Also a look back at SCNA’s history as well as 2023 year in review

Events: Acting Lead Milo & Group

  • Common Decorating: A great success w/record # of volunteers
  • HSI Event: SCNA supported HSI ‘s great Christmas in Salem event
  • Holiday Concert: Bridge@211 on Dec 17 th 3 to 5 with bake sale.
    • Concert flyer created & distributed
  • Winter Brunch: At Hawthorne on 2/18/24 from 11:00 to 2
  • Annual Meeting: In March with date & location TBD
  • Continuing to look for new event lead

Washington Arch: Gabe

  • Arch lighting to be included in future City lamppost plans
    • Thanks to all for getting spotlight operational – looks great!
  • Skylight delivered Arch work castings storage to City for storage

Common & Neighborhood Issues & Enhancements: Jenn

  • Bandstand: Phase 2 (restore dome; add flowerbeds) exploring with City
  • Lawn: Ray J planning to address current infestation & remediation after HH
    • Major fall cleanup was completed
    • Unlikely that removed bollards by Hawthorne will return
    • City made aware on non-functioning lampposts’ lights by Jenn
  • Fence: Working with Patti K & Mike C on needed near/long term solutions
  • Raised Beds: Planting completed. Edges to be rounded & plaques added
  • Future: Explore possible adult recreational/fitness installation on Common

Next Board Meeting: Jan 9th at time and location TBD, Jennifer Hardin NPS Superintendent to speak