SCNA Board 4/14/20 

Present:         Gabe Ciociola, Jen Hagar, Dennis Maroney, Milo Martinez, Lynn Murray, Erin Murphy, Gary Santo, Jenn Santo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

President’s Report

HSI and Preservation Partners follow up. Milo will follow up with Patti & Emily to see what new material they have to share with our community. Also follow up with Patti on CPA funding for the Washington Arch restoration.Update: Milo engaging Emily & Erin engaging Patti.

Next Preservation Partners meeting to occur April 17th at 11. Update: Zoom meeting on 5/1.

NIAC meeting cancelled for April. Update:Nothing decided for May meeting as yet.

  • Crosswalk painting at WSE/Andrews accelerated & possible stop sign add.
  • Scattered clumps of dirt as well as several large holes to be repaired.
  • New flag installed on the Common – looks great!

New programs from the City

  • Salem Signature Parks. Impact on Common of this large City initiative is TBD.
  • Davey Tree doing Common tree inventory.  Update:Tree Commission & Arborist have requested involvement with development of findings & recommendations. 
  • Damaged tree across from KOC to be removed in April. Update: Old tree removed & two new trees planned by Arborist to replace it.

National Park Services: Possibly expanding boundaries & name of current Salem Maritime Park.  Waiting for details to be shared.  No change.

Common Updates & Issues

The Common Fence Restoration is moving ahead with sections by Hawthorne and Washington Square East removed & being restored by DeAngelis.   Work is on pace for the fence sections to be reinstalled this summer. Update: Overall project on track & new section removed from WSN in storage.

Bandstand Restoration project schedule started week of March 16th.

  • Excavation complete & new concrete surfaces completed.
  • New drainage in place & landscaping ahead of schedule – underway now.
  • Bulkhead enhancements scheduled for May timeframe.
  • The bandstand is currently expected to be fully reopened May 15th. No change.

Both efforts to be included in the Common Master Plan in development by City.

Common Lights.  Milo will talk with Patti (Preservation) about dissimilar lights.   Some of the lampposts on the Common have incandescent bulbs which cast a warm glow and others have LED bulbs which cast a cold, blue glow. The lamp posts are in need of painting or update. Our thanks to the City for restoring all Common lights both the historic ones & those from movie.

No Smoking.  The all parks ordinance is still in Committee with the no smoking signs also pending approval. Signs should apply to the whole Common.  Update: SCNA to pay for a no smoking sign which will be placed by the playground. Planned for May installation.

Playground.  New accessible equipment to be added and underlying surfaces to be upgraded.  After public hearing on May 6th, expected installation will be in May.

Graffiti.  SCNA removed graffiti on Arch & notified SPD who responded quickly.


Update: Our Annual Meeting rescheduled to May 7thwas cancelled.  Mayor Driscoll still willing to speak at an SCNA event later this year. 

Update: The National Guard Muster event is cancelled as is The SCNA Derby Party.

4th of July Reading of the Declaration of Independence.  Lynn will check with Hannah Diozzi to assess her interest in being involved in this year’s event should it go forward.

October/Halloween. SCNA Kid Fest on the Common – again dependent upon the status of the virus and policies of the City. Cancellation would significantly impact SCNA fundraising.

Membership Renewal Program

Update: We have 32 total renewal memberships, 8 of which are families & 2 are businesses.  Renewal mailers sent.

Marketing: Exploring offering e-commerce on our website in the form of t-shirts, mugs, etc.  Milo designed an SCNA t-shirt & has ordered samples.

Officer Elections

Gabe’s nominating committee nominated all current officers along with Erin Murphy.  All were approved electronically on 3/23/20. Update:  Jane has agreed to remain as Treasurer & also assume Membership Chair.


Updates sent out on Common projects (Lighting, Fence, Bandstand, & Flag), Officer Elections & Event cancellations – thanks Jen!

Washington Arch Restoration

  • Explanatory sign delayed to allow linkage of text & images to eventual restoration.
  • Follow-up with PEM planned for May regarding their previously committed participation.
  • Arch Restoration Costs: $58K needed w/SCNA to donate $10K leaving $48K.
  • Engineer Knowlton’s assistance needed on Arch brick pad per City agreement.
  • Gabe & Milo to update the original Arch submission to Historical Commission.
  • Planning to reach out to NPS, MA NG & Hawthorne to be contributors to the Arch effort.
  • Gabe will talk with Waters & Brown about donating paint and recommending a painter.
  • Update: Erin has assembled an action plan for May – great to have you with us Erin!

Treasurer’s report

Total Funds:$23,704.25

  • Savings:  $3,008
  • Arch:       $10,247.74
  • Checking $10,448.51

Incoming Revenue:$120

  • Memberships: $120  (3 Family)
  • Donations: None this period

Incurred Expenses:  $280.91

  • SCNA Shirts: $280.91 (check #1609)

Estimated Membership/Events Expenses:

  • Q2 2020
    • Membership mailings and stamps: $200
  • Q3 2020
    • 4thof July Reading of Declaration: $100
    • Movie Nights on Common: $100
    • Concerts on Common: $1,500
    • Lawn Party on Common: $1,000
    • Yard Sale on Common: $200
  • Q4 2020
    • Kids Fest: $200
    • Holiday Concert: $850 

Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020

  • Starting funds as of 4/1/19:   $22,780
  • Closing funds as of 3/31/20:  $23,665
  • MA tax materials sent to SCNA accountant
  • Filing with MA Secretary of State & Attorney General completed
  • Federal tax filing with IRS completed

Our March Board meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Our next meeting is scheduled at 7:30 on May 12th