SCNA Board 5/12/20 


Jane Carroll, Gabe Ciociola, Milo Martinez, Erin Murphy, Lynn Murray, Jenn & Gary Santo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

President’s Report

HSI and Preservation Partners follow up. Milo advised that there is new information on HSI website on advantages of Historic Districts.  Per Erin, Patti advised that project funding will be slowed but that she agreed Washington Arch restoration should be a priority.

Next Preservation Partners to be scheduled for June.  Erin will attend as SCNA representative.

NIAC meeting scheduled for May 13thvia Zoom. Mayor to attend.  Status: Dennis to update.

City Updates & Other Activities from Non-City Entities Impacting Common:

  • Salem Signature Parks. Impact on Common of this large City initiative is TBD.
  • Non-City consultant Halvorson preparing Common Master Plan.  Commissioners seek input.
  • Non-City consultant Davey Group doing Common tree inventory.  Status: Tree Commission & City Arborist have requested review of development of findings & recommendations. 
  • Non-City consultant Irrigation Consulting planning to examine irrigation. Status:input needed.

National Park Services: Possibly expanding boundaries & name of current Salem Maritime Park.  Waiting for details to be shared.  No change.

Common Updates & Issues

Common Fence Restoration. Moving ahead with sections by Hawthorne and Washington Square East removed & being restored by DeAngelis.  Work is on pace for the fence sections to be reinstalled this summer.  Status: Overall project on track.

Bandstand Restoration. This project started on schedule the week of March 16th.

  • Excavation complete & new concrete surfaces completed.
  • New drainage in place & landscaping moving ahead.
  • Bulkhead enhancements began on May 15th.
  • The bandstand is now expected to be fully reopened by May 31st.

Both efforts to be included in the Common Master Plan in development by City.

Common Illumination. Milo, as member of Historic Commission, in discussion with Patti (Preservation) about all aspects: lighting, lanterns.  Historic Commission to pursue report from non-City consultant Lumen Lighting on their study and hold public hearings on new lantern types and other decisions.

No Smoking.  Signs should apply to the whole Common. SCNA agreed to pay for a No Smoking sign to be placed in playground area. Status: SCNA pursuing sign order with City.

Playground.  New accessible equipment to be added and underlying surfaces to be upgraded.  Status: Successful public hearing on May 6th, with work now scheduled for May 19th.

Graffiti.  SCNA removed graffiti on Arch & notified SPD. Perpetrator identified & arrested.


  • Crosswalk painting at WSE/Andrews was requested to be accelerated by DPS.
  • Request for new stop sign at WSE/Andrew intersection in discussion with Councilor Madore.
  • Initial lawn mowing occurred in this ongoing process.
  • Damaged tree removed & two new trees to be planted by Arborist in same spot.
  • Community Common clean up being organized with SCNA & City.  Target date: 6/6/20.


 4th of July Reading of the Declaration of Independence.  Update: In person event cancelled.  Suggestion of Facebook Live reading. Lynn to discuss with Hannah Diozzi.

Concerts/Movies.  Milo to decide if we proceed on summer concerts at June Board meeting on June 9th.  For now, movies will be planned for July & August, but this is subject to change.

October/Halloween. SCNA Kid Fest on the Common – again dependent upon the status of the virus.  Cancellation would significantly impact SCNA fundraising.   Status: Open

Membership Renewal Program

32 total memberships with 8 families & 2 business members.

Marketing. Exploring offering e-commerce on our website in the form of t-shirts, mugs, etc.  Milo designed SCNA t-shirts & will distribute samples.


Possible topics: Playground upgrade; Common Clean Sweep; No Smoking playground sign; Bandstand re-opens; 4thof July cancellation; feature Jenn & Gary Santo

Washington Arch Restoration

  • Explanatory sign delayed to allow linkage of text & images to eventual restoration.
  • Gabe & Milo have provided relevant images to Erin of swags & carvings.
  • Follow-up with PEM planned for June regarding their previously committed participation.
  • Similar follow-up with City via Patti on Arch brick pad & other commitments.
  • Arch Restoration Costs: $58K needed with SCNA to donate $10K.
  • Gabe, Milo & Erin to update the original Arch submission for Historical Commission review.
  • Gabe will speak with Waters & Brown about donating paint and recommending a painter.
  • Erin has assembled an action plan which she shared at our meeting – comments welcomed.
  • Board approved Erin’s request to fund Dearborn rendering ($500) image of completed Arch.

Treasurer’s report

Total Funds: $23,670.34

  • Savings:          $3,008.25
  • Arch Fund:      $10,248.58
  • Checking:        $10,413.51

Incoming Revenue: None this period

Incurred Expenses: $85.00

  • Atty. General Filing:    $35.00
  • Island Beautification: $50.00 (check #1610)

Estimated Membership/Events Expenses:

  • Q2 2020
    • Membership mailings and stamps: $200
  • Q3 2020
    • 4thof July Reading of Declaration: $100
    • Movie Nights on Common: $100
    • Concerts on Common: $1,500
    • Lawn Party on Common: $1,000
    • Yard Sale on Common: $200
  • Q4 2020
    • Kids Fest: $200
    • Holiday Concert: $850 

Our May Board meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Our next meeting is scheduled at 7:30 on June 9th