SCNA Board 6/8/21

Present: Dennis, Erin, Gabe, Jen, Jenn, Jim & Milo

The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

President’s Report

  • Guest: SCNA member Sue Formica (Traffic focus) joined us.
  • Traffic:
    • Crosswalk painting largely done with exception of WSE/Andrews.
    • 6 crosswalk stanchions on order & to be located at WSE/Andrews; Forrester/Playground; Winter, Mall & Oliver Streets.
    • Dates needed: Playground reflector & rollout of planned WSN upgrades.
    • Rerouting 1A via legislative action to Wash St/Bridge St extension raised
    • Sue communicating with David K on speed bumps on side streets, etc.
  • Accessibility: Curb cuts to be made at WSE/Briggs & WSE/Williams starting 6/14 & completing 6/25.
  • NIAC meeting: 6/16/21 at 7 PM – speaker from Resilient Together
  • Leadership: Erin officially resigned as she begins her family’s move from Salem. We all will miss her & wish her well. We thank Jim for stepping up.

Treasurer’s Report

Total Funds: $23,255

  • Checking: $10,754
  • Savings: $3,011
  • Arch Fund: $9,490
  • Washington Arch Sign Vendor 50% deposit ($578.50)
Membership (57): 1 sponsor; 6 businesses; 23 Family; 27 individuals
Chamber of Commerce: Jane partnering to identify new business partners.

Common Updates & Issues

  • Pathways: Restoration work by Aggregate & DPS done – looks great!
  • Fence Restoration: 16 WSN sections removed for repair & reinstall in Nov
  • Watercooler: Unit by Hawthorne now working at both levels. Thanks Katie!
  • Playground: Replacement unit an improvement but new unit neede
  • Swing & Surface Repairs: Jenn to follow up with DPS
  • Not Approved Events: Park & Rec follow up on use (boot camps) & approval
  • Arts Festival 6/4 -6/6: Well attended event but City pick up efforts lacking with debris across Common. Raised to Park & Rec & Creative Collective.
  • Haunted Happenings: Extra trash, noise & parking support will be needed.
  • Parks & Rec meeting with community requested but did not happen.

Events + Website

  • Park & Rec meeting on 6/15 to approve upcoming events & Arch plan
  • July 4 th Declaration of Independence reading at 10 on Bandstand:
    • Mayor Driscoll will be joining us
    • Reenactor Irene Axelrod to do reading
    • SCNA to provide baked goods & coffee
    • Salem Historical Society to also have a table
  • Yard sale: July 10 th with 11 th as rain date led by Ray Buso & Gabe.
    • TBD: Event flyer; table pricing; pickup after event
  • Movies: Planning for two movies in both July & August. Dates: TBD
  • Lawn Party: Targeting late August/early Sept. Jane looking for sponsor.
  • Common Cleanup: Late Sept. or early Oct. Dates: TBD
  • Kids Fun Festival: targeting last two weekends in October with Fiesta Shows
  • Holiday Concert: 12/19 date confirmed with Bridge@211 & Concert Band


  • Upcoming topics: Witch Museum interview; Ward 2 councilor candidate
    profiles; schedule of events as well as Arch, Fence & other upgrades

Washington Arch and Preservation

  • Essex Heritage. $2,000 grant paperwork done. Awaiting arrival of funds.
  • Eagle & Carvings. Skylight Studios quote in. Erin to notify SS to contact Jim.
  • Pannier Sign. City approved frame & text proof in review.
  • PEM. Reignite promised collaboration around reproductions.
  • Historic Commission. Approved 4/21 w/brick pad. Parks & Rec on 6/15.
  • Bandstand Flowerbeds: Dominick P. working w/Jenna Ide on approval.

Next Board Meeting: July 13, 2021 at 7:30. Location: Outside we hope!