SCNA Board 9/14/21

Present: Gabe, Jane, Milo & Dennis

President’s Report

  • Traffic: Gabe led 9/10 meeting with City & Ward 2 Councilor. Plans include striping bump-outs; constructed bump-outs; rubber speed bumps on cross streets & WS; “thermo” paint for crosswalks; new speed/crossing signs; stanchions.
  • Plan to re-route 1A to Bridge St. Ext. supported by Bridge Street Assoc. & City.
  • NIAC: Haunted Happenings 9/8 meeting with Fox, Talkowsky & Chief Miller related to increased use of Common to reduce congestion on Essex Street:
    • Info: All events and updates can be found at www.hauntedhappenings.org
    • Info booth to be set up on Common
    • Vendors: Reduced from 150 to less than 70
    • Vendor Parking: On weekends, WSN on Common side dedicated to vendors
    • Trash: DPS on site every Saturday & Sunday until events end
    • Closing Times: 9PM on Saturday/6PM on Sunday
    • Noise: DPS & SPD to monitor frequently
    • Traffic: Staff to open side streets & enforce traffic calming measures
    • Parking: Parking enforcement particularly on vendors taking up neighborhood parking spaces as well as extra pedestrian safety steps
    • Residents: Hang tags for October parking to be received in September
    • Police: Dedicated presence on Common during events
    • COVID: Mask Ambassadors return to City & Common for October
  • NIAC: Next meeting 10/6/21.
  • Participation: Need for additional active volunteers & Board members.
  • Debate: League of WV/SCNA sponsored a successful Ward 2 debate held on 9/9.

Treasurer’s Report

Total Funds: $23,223

  • Expenses $1,165
  • Donations $195
Membership (66)

Common Updates & Issues

  • Events: Trash pick-up & yard work from DPS after events OK so far.
  • Tree/Grass: Condition of Lawn deteriorating & needs to be addressed.
  • Crime: Minimal so far on Common with homeless moving along fairly well.
  • Upcoming Enhancements/Ongoing Issues:
    • Benches: SHC approved 4 new ADA benches which have been installed.
    • Fence Restoration: 16 WSN sections to be reinstalled – targeting Nov.8 th .
    • Lighting: Milo involving all parties to get all fixtures/bulbs to be similar.
    • Playground: Repairs to window an improvement but new unit needed.
    • Swing & Surface Repairs: More new holes found – Jenn pursuing with DPS.

Events + Website

  • Lawn Party on Sept. 12 th – great fun & well attended. Thanks Milo!
  • Yard Sale on Sept. 19 th – well attended & received. Great job Gabe!
  • Block party on Sept. 25 th – great event well received by all. Thanks Jane!
  • Upcoming Events: Kids Fun Fest on Oct 23/24 & 30/31 from 11-5.
  • Holiday Tree: Jenn to confirm donation with O’Donnell


  • Great Sept newsletter sent on 9/22 focusing on events – thanks Jen!

Washington Arch and Preservation

  • Essex Heritage. $2,000 grant paperwork done. Jim pursuing funds deposit.
  • Jim represented SCNA at EH Annual Meeting on Sept. 9th
  • Skylight Studios. Eagle & Carvings quote received.
  • Pannier Sign. Sign approved & delivered to DPW. Installation targeting Nov.
  • PEM. Reignite collaboration.
  • Brick Pad/Landscaping. SHC approved 4/21. Per RJ Nov completion
  • Salem TV. Arch Restoration discussion to be held in November.
  • Bandstand Flowerbeds: Waiting feedback from Dominick P. & Jenna Ide.

Next Board Meeting: Oct. 12 th at 7:30. Location: TBD