SCNA Board Meeting Agenda: 6/14/22 Updated: 6/21/22

Location: Tavern at Hawthorne at 8 PM
Attendees: Amy, Dennis, Gabe, Jane, Jenn, Milo

President/VP Report: Dennis/Gabe

  • Traffic: WSN crosswalks painted, bump outs, stanchions & flashing signs in place.
  • Speed cushions in place on Mall Street – others to follow.
  • Next focus area for solution installation is Playground crossing.
  • Traffic monitoring program underway on Pleasant & Andrew Streets
  • Rerouting 1A@Winter to Washington St/Bridge Ext needs legislation
    • Bridge St Neighborhood Association also supports

Beautification: Thanks to Barb Swartz traffic islands & monument look great!
NIAC: June meeting attended – meetings will resume in fall
Participation: Ongoing need for additional active volunteers

Treasury & Membership Reports: Jane (Data As of 6.13.22)

Total Funds $26,537: Checking ($11,747), Savings ($5,015), Arch ($9,775)

  • Incurred Expenses: Movie ($100); Plantings: Arch ($1335) & Islands ($266)
  • 2022 Memberships 46: (23) Family, (16) Individual, (7) Business
  • Potential Members Mailer: Placed on hold until 2023
  • Newsletter: Jen/Dennis & Milo to send out by 6/24
  • Items: Annual Meeting recap; events; traffic & lawn work

Common & Neighborhood Enhancements: Jenn

Lawn Revitalization: Ray has begun work on Common’s 9 acres- looks great
Regular monthly fertilization will continue through November
Benches: 3 regular benches installed with 5 more planned for 2023.
Little Library: SCNA to help with this initiative.
Bandstand: Waiting to hear on City plans – may include flower beds.
Fence: Patti Kelleher to advise on City ongoing repair plans.

Events: Milo

Confirm 2022 draft event schedule so Adele can create postcard:

  • Past event: Café Claude: Sinatra Tribute 5/15
  • Next Up: Reading Declaration of Independence on 7/4 at 10 AM
    • Speakers: Mayor Driscoll and Salem Historical Society
  • Upcoming:
    • SCNA sponsoring Garden Club’s July event
    • Vintage Lawn party on Sept 10 th at noon
    • Yard sale on Sept 17 th (time DBA) – Gabe handling
    • Kids Fare: Last two weekends in October (times TBD)
    • Nov 27 th : Common Holiday Decorating at noon
    • Dec 18 th :  Holiday Concert: Location & time (TBD)

Washington Arch Intiative: Gabe

City: SHC hearing on Carvings on 6/15 resulted in approval.
State seal carving put on hold while legislature considers redesign
Carvings: Contracted with PEM endorsed designer: Skylight Studios.
PEM: Access to McIntire originals approved via Curator Sarah Chasse.

Next Board Meeting: July 12 th , 2022, at 7:30. Location: Jane’s patio – thanks!