SCNA February 2023 Board Update: 2/22/23

President/VP Report: Dennis/Gabe

  • Traffic: Working with Councilor CWF. Follow-up on playground crossing solution; stop sign at Andrews St/WSE & long-term solution of rerouting 1A@ Winter to Bridge St/Extension.
  • Salem 400+: Dennis attended – SCNA will work closely with City.
  • Annual Meeting: Online @ 3/16. Speaker: Councilor CWF. Board elections – Gabe.
  • Website Updates: Gabe & Milo working on updates including Arch text/images.
  • Board Updates: Board vote approved Milo as new Recording Secretary.
  • NIAC: SCNA supports NIAC continuing, Next meeting to be held in March led byChris Sicuranza Chief of Staff for Mayor McCarthy.

Treasury Report: Jane (Data As of 2/21/23)

  • Total Funds $38,925: Checking ($15,873), Reserve ($7,019), Arch ($16,033)
  • Incurred Expenses $2,538: Little Library ($206); Event Supplies ($101) Winter Brunch ($2,231)
  • Anticipated $9,000: Arch Completion ($8K); Membership Mailers ($1K)

Membership Report: (Data As of 2/21/23)

  • Last year: 64/Members 95: (33) Family, (23) Individual, (8) Business
  • New year: 41/Members 55: (14) Family, (22) Individual, (5) Business
  • Lead Needed: Amy thanks for your service. New lead: TBD

Newsletter: Jen

  • Next NL: Annual Meeting (3/16): Board elections, last year’s accomplishments & this year’s plans. Speaker: Caroline Watson-Felt

Common & Neighborhood Enhancements: Jenn

  • Little Library: Kristen Fitzgerald gained Park & Rec approval as well as SHC approval on paint selection. SCNA paying ($857). DPS to install in spring.
  • Lawn: Working with Park & Rec/DPS on refresh as well as new protections.
  • Bandstand: Phase 2 (restore dome; add flowerbeds) exploring w/Mike C
  • Fence: Working with Patti K & Mike C on next steps
  • Future: Explore possible adult recreational/fitness installation on Common

Events: Milo & Group

  • Winter Brunch @ Hawthorne on 2/12 was well attended.
    •  We honored Senator Lovely for her service.
    •  Mike C’s presentation on Signature Parks was well received.
    •  Mayor McCarthy, candidates Pangallo & Harrington joined.
  • Movie night in March: Location & film TBD
  • Change in events: Thanks Milo. New lead & volunteers needed.

Washington Arch Initiative: Gabe

  • Skylight Studios: Mike C & PEM are working directly with artist.
  • Carvings: Replicas of McIntire originals (Washington Oval & Eagle) are being created along with swag replicas from era ($25K grant)
    •  Washington Oval & Swags nearly complete & look great.
  • Painting of Arch & Eagle: SCNA to pay costs ($8K)
  • Explanatory Sign Update: SCNA paid costs ($575)
  • Completed Arch: Arch dedication to be integrated at Annual

Muster 4/22/23 on Common thanks to Vets & MA NG.
Next Board Meeting: March 14 th , 2023, at 7:30. Location: TBD