SCNA May 2023 Board Meeting Recap: 6/15/23

Location/Date: Hawthorne at 6 PM
Attendees: Dennis, Gabe, Jane, Milo

President/VP Report: Dennis/Gabe

  • SAFE CBA: Pat Gozemba updated us & is looking for SCNA support.
  • Upgrades & Traffic Calming:
    • Street pavement patching around Common done
    • Redeploy stanchions, speed cushions, etc. around WSN – Open
    • New requests for raised signage at WSN & speed bumps at WSE
  • Website Updates: Milo led group to discuss possible front-end changes
  • NIAC: SCNA glad to see this resume in July led by new Chief of Staff.

Treasury Report: Jane (Data As of 6/13/23)

  • Current Funds $30,631: Checking ($15,362), Reserve ($7,021), Arch ($8,248) Donations: $25 from movie event
  • Incurred Expenses $308: Miscellaneous Cash $66, Movie Night ($37), Donation Salem July 4 th ($100), Memorial Tree ($105)
  • Anticipated Expenses $5,000: Membership Mailer ($1K), 4 th of July Flyers ($200), Website On Hold ($950), Lawn Party ($2.1K); Holiday Concert ($750)
  • Taxes: Prior fiscal year sent to accountant in May. IRS filing done.

Membership Report: Jane Acting Lead (Data As of 6/13/23)

  • Last year: 64/Members 95: (33) Family, (23) Individual, (8) Business
  • New year: 48/Members 66: (18) Family, (23) Individual, (7) Business
  • Membership Lead Needed: New lead needed

Newsletter: Jen

Next NL: Movie Night sent. 4 th of July event notification needed.

Events: Acting Lead Milo & Group

  • Movie night: May 12 th at Diehl & Marcus -great fun!
  • Lawn Party: Desire to have event approved by Board
  • Kids Fun Fest: Letter requesting approval sent to Council
  • Holiday Event: Working with HSI on event

Washington Arch: Gabe

  • Great ongoing feedback from community & visitors

Common & Neighborhood Enhancements: Jenn

  • Little Library: Positive feedback & usage from community & visitors
  • Lawn: Great on-going work by DPS – Lawn looks great
  • Trees: Our thanks to Signature Parks & all involved on new plantings
  • Bandstand: Phase 2 (restore dome; add flowerbeds) exploring w/Mike C
  • Fence: Working with Patti K & Mike C on needed near/long term solutions
  • Lights: Checking with Mike C on options for Hubie & Hawthorne lights
  • Future: Explore possible adult recreational/fitness installation on Common

Next Board Meeting: July 11 th at 6 PM; Location: TBD
Speaker: Micah Hapworth from HSI