Minutes 3/12/19

SCNA Board 3/12/19 Attendance: Jerry Smith, Gabe Ciociola, Jenn Santo, Matt Cornell, Jane Carroll, Milo Martinez Called to order at 7:42 President’s Report: Expressed condolences to the O’Donnell Family. Talked to two Councilors at large to speak to the membership. Elaine Milo and Domingo Dominguez and Thomas Furey. Get more councilors involved with our membership.

Minutes 2/12/19

Present Gabe Ciociola, Dennis Maroney, Milo Martinez, Lynn Murray, Gary Santo, Jenn Santo, Jerry Smith, Barb Swartz. Guest: Jane Carroll (Nominating Committee) President’s Report/General Discussion The annual meeting is being held on Thursday, March 28th at 7 pm at the Hawthorne. The agenda for the meeting will include a summary of SCNA accomplishments, events, and

Minutes 1/15/19

Present Gabe Ciociola, Milo Martinez, Dennis Maroney, Lynn Murray, Gary Santo, Jenn Santo, Barb Schwartz, Jerry Smith President’s Report – Arch restoration project expanded to include a review of status of improvements to the Common that had been previously discussed or committed to by the City. These include: Plan for ongoing restoration of the Common Fence